What is dental jewellery?

Tooth Jewelry is the latest thing to add a sparkle to your dazzling whites, you can now have a sparkling crystal glass design or something in gold or a twinkle of ruby or maybe an aquamarine blue diamond shining on your tooth. 

The procedure of fixing teeth jewelry is very simple and usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Dentists do offer lots of fun designs to choose from crystals, diamonds and 24 carat gold. There is no drilling involved, so the jewel does not damage tooth and has no side effects. It can be easily removed without any damage to the tooth structure. Further, if one wants tooth jewelry can be fixed again at a later stage. The longevity of adhesion of these studs varies from 6 months to years.

dental jewellery is the art of placing small gemstones onto the surface of your front teeth.  Gemstones may be artificial or genuine, depending on your preference.  Diamonds are the most popular gemstone used for dental jewelry and are usually placed on the upper lateral incisors.  Dental jewelry is an easy way to add that special flare to any smile!

Dental jewellery can be temporarily placed for special events or strongly bonded for permanent smile enhancement.